• Koml Kandola, BBA, LL.B
    Koml Kandola, BBA, LL.B

    Parm is the most effective Real Estate Agent I have ever dealt with. He is driven, professional, smart and creative. I know it was his energy and effective marketing strategies that got my house SOLD. I would strongly recommend Parm to all buyers and sellers!” 

  • Chris Johnston & Carol Smith
    Chris Johnston & Carol Smith
    I have been in several sales positions and I appreciate the skill set one needs to excel. I was initially very impressed with Parm’s charm, professionalism and knowledge of the neighbourhood. However, wife Carol is what I term a sales representatives’s worst nightmare: her hardnosed wheeling and dealing style and stubborn streak made for at best an uphill battle or worse, a lost customer for Parm. Parm won her over with his genuine and helpful approach and the work ethic that brought several prospects to see our house. By the end of the sale she was calling Parm, “my boy” and trying to get him to settle down and have children with a nice girl. Although still stubborn, she was happy with Parm’s service and thrilled at the results that Parm delivered. We both would recommend Parm to buyers, sellers, family and friends.”
     – Burnaby
  • Pamela Carreira
    Pamela Carreira

    Don’t settle for less! Not only will he support you and negotiate for you, he will make sure you get the best deal.  Parm & his team will constantly be in contact with you, make sure your property has a lot of exposure, and ensure you are happy with the results. Go with Parm for the win.”


  • Sarah Mitchell
    Sarah Mitchell

    “Parm was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable, not only of real estate, but neighbourhood information. He is almost like a tour guide and information 1 stop shop!  Why should you pick Parm? Well there is no other realtor that will bring you good service, friendliness and kindness like him. I would definitely recommend Parm to any of my family, friends and to all of Burnaby. “